Another 5-5 week.  It’s not the target I am trying to hit, but it’s better than a losing record.  I am still having a hard time getting a feel for some teams (Stanford).  

Michigan +0.5 at Wisconsin: Win – Poor Wisconsin.  Badger fans, Clemson fans feel you.  A big time quarterback prospect that hasn’t turned out to be nearly as good as you hoped.  Keep in mind there is time for him to improve.  He is essentially a redshirt freshman. Plus you’ve played a tough schedule so far. On the other hand, it will be interesting to see if Michigan can continue their good play.  Is their record simply a result of their opponents thus far? Sparty, Penn State & Ohio State loom.

Wake Forest -6.5 vs Louisville: Loss – Louisville has been much better this season than I expected.  I felt great about this one when Wake scored their last touchdown, then deflated when Louisville came back so quickly.  It became pretty apparent that the Deacons were playing for the last second field goal. Close, but no cigar.

Notre Dame +1.5 vs Cincinnati: Loss – I thought the wrong team was favored here, but Cincinnati proved me wrong.  

Florida -7.5 at Kentucky: Loss – Thanks Dan Mullen!  I don’t even think it’s fair to call it Gatoring, it should probably be called Mullening, because this happened a good bit at Mississippi State too.  The Gators Mullened again.

Boston College +16.5 at Clemson: Win – Clemson hadn’t scored more than 14 points against an FBS defense all season long, but they were favored by 16.5? This just made sense.  Clemson’s new highwater mark is the 19 they scored Saturday.

Charlotte +11.5 at Illinois: Win – Coach Healy is building a good young program in Charlotte.  There is more work to be done, but they are the kind of team that can sneak up on programs that don’t think a CUSA team should be able to touch them but aren’t really all that good, like Illinois.

Appalachian State -9.5 at Georgia State: Win – Appalachian State looks like they are hitting their stride. Keep an eye on the Mountaineers as the season rolls along.  They are technically on a bye this weekend, but play at Louisiana on Tuesday October 12.

Oregon -7.5 at Stanford: Loss – Should I be angry at Oregon for the dud or Stanford for being so two-faced this year?  I guess both.  Joe Moorhead didn’t coach in this game due to illness, and while I am not a fan, I have to admit that when Moorhead runs an offense, it is pretty good.  I think that may have been the difference.

Penn State +10.5 vs Indiana: Win – Poor Indiana.  I feel for the Hoosier fans. I’ve been a fan of a few classic underdogs in my time, and when you have a good season, it feels so good. When you revert back to the underdog immediately, it feels so bad.

UCLA -3.5 vs Arizona State: Loss – I am a believer that drama is bad for a program.  I was high on Arizona State this season until the investigation of their program began this past offseason.  It certainly appears that they are weathering the storm well. The slip up at BYU seems pretty forgivable at this point, and the Sun Devils appear to have the inside track to the PAC South division.


Iowa decided to get their weekend over quickly with a dominating performance against Maryland.  Penn State at Iowa this weekend!

BYU is still undefeated but it sounds like injuries at the quarterback position may put their run in jeopardy.

Alabama and Georgia took care of business.

I predicted that Rutgers would make a bowl game, and despite the big loss to Ohio State, they are still on course.  If they can get three wins against Northwestern, Illinois, Maryland and/or Indiana, they will get their six wins.  They will have to get at least two of those wins on the road, however.

Sparty is still undefeated. That probably won’t last, but we need to give Mel Tucker a round of applause. I doubt many saw that coming.

Why is it so hard to recruit to Hawaii? I get that road games mean long airplane rides, but the rest of the time, you live in Hawaii, and the Warriors have a decent home field advantage, as Fresno State learned this weekend.

Looking ahead:

Stay away from Stanford, stay away from Stanford…..

As bad as this sounds, Clemson has a bye week so that is one less game I can count on this weekend.

I am eyeing Temple plus the points against the Bearcats.  This is a classic letdown spot, coming off a big game and facing an opponent at home that doesn’t move the needle. I don’t think the Owls win, but I can see them staying closer than four touchdowns.

Wake Forest is getting less than a touchdown against Syracuse? It’s a road game for Wake, and Syracuse has been better than expected this season, but this seems like a small margin against a team that just gave Florida State their first win of the year.

Virginia is getting points at Louisville.  I feel like this is a pick ‘em, so someone getting a whole field goal sounds good. It is at Louisville, though, so I’m still thinking on it. The Cardinals are playing well, even if they fell a bit short against a good Wake Forest team.

Don’t look now, but UConn is favored against someone.

SMU is laying a bit under two touchdowns at Navy, but considering how well Mordecai is playing, the Ponies seem like a big favorite over a winless Navy team.

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