Well, I finally got to .500 for a week. 5-5 for Week 4.  Let’s just go ahead and start with the hard one.

NC State +10.5 vs Clemson: Win – Didn’t see Clemson staying within 10.5 points of NC State.  I wish I was wrong, but I was right. NC State with the outright win.  Clemson is already a double-digit favorite over BC, and I have already locked in the Eagles plus the points.

SMU +9.5 at TCU: Win – SMU’s offense has been good, and when I saw they were getting points against a relatively unproven TCU squad, I thought this was a good pick.

Notre Dame +6 vs Wisconsin: Win – Poor Wisconsin.  They let Jack Coan walk so Graham Mertz could be their starter.  In all fairness, I thought Mertz would be better, but beyond that, this game was in Chicagoland, which is Notre Dame territory, and Wisconsin was favored? I just don’t understand that.

Buffalo -13.5 at Old Dominion: Loss – I made a few picks this week more because I thought one of the teams was bad instead of one of the teams being good.  ODU seemed dreadful so I thought Buffalo would cover.  The Bulls got the win, but only by a point.

BYU -22.5 vs USF: Loss – Another where I assumed USF was just so bad, they would get killed at BYU. Instead, they stayed within eight.  Good for Jeff Scott and the Bulls.  They might be headed in the right direction.

Missouri -2 at Boston College: Loss – Shame on me. BC was one of the teams I predicted would be a big surprise this season. Then their start QB got hurt and I jumped off the bandwagon.  The Eagles gave me & Mizzou a big knuckleburger.

Maryland -14.5 vs Kent: Win – Well, USF and ODU may have exceeded my expectations, but Kent is still awful. Fear the Turtle.

Arkansas +5.5 vs Texas A&M: Win – I wasn’t high on A&M before they lost their starting QB to injury. I also wasn’t high on Arkansas, but I gave the Razorbacks a chance and they got me a win.

Kansas State +5.5 at Oklahoma State: Loss – Oklahoma St. is another team like TCU that I didn’t think had really proved themselves yet, and Kansas St. is a program that just tends to cover the spread.  I thought this one was worth the pick, but the Cowboys weren’t just a little bit better, they were a lot better.

USC -11.5 vs Oregon State: Loss – Some might say I deserved this if I trusted USC to not throw up all over themselves, but they were playing the Beavers at home.  I have learned my lesson though, no more Trojan picks.

Elsewhere, I admit I was tempted early to take Rutgers plus the points, and then later in the week tempted to take Michigan minus the points.  I finally walked away altogether and don’t feel awful that I did, because I probably would have lost with a Michigan pick.

Another I do wish I had taken was Western Kentucky plus the points against Indiana.  I think it is becoming clear that IU was a program that stepped up and took advantage of some Big 10 East brethren, like Penn State and Michigan, that were struggling in the COVID environment of 2020.  Kudos to those that did pull the trigger on this.

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