Man, things are rough right now.  I am 11-19 against the spread through the first three weeks.  I had higher expectations for myself.  Others had higher expectations of me.  I have two choices. I can pack it in and mope around, or I can pick myself up, keep my wits and work to become better.  I don’t see Clemson giving up and neither am I…..until Marty fires me.

UCF at Louisville: Loss – I picked UCF to win by a touchdown, and it was the other way around.  The final play of the game was one of those crazy plays that make college football great. It is just a shame that it torpedoed my first pick of the weekend.

Virginia Tech at West Virginia: Loss – this seemed like a ‘wrong team is favored’ type of situation, but the oddsmakers knew what they were doing.  West Virginia looked good at home. The Hokies didn’t look terrible, but they certainly weren’t ready to go on the road in a crazy environment.

Georgia Tech at Clemson: Loss – Sigh.  The lesson I learned from this one is that I shouldn’t pick Clemson games.  If I pick Clemson to cover, they will struggle to score. If I pick the other team to cover, Clemson will suddenly explode and go scorched earth.  There are probably some of you that would like me to pick against Clemson every week.  I will think on that and get back to you.

Northwestern at Duke: Loss – Here I go again.  I assumed Louisville was hapless enough that they wouldn’t play UCF well, and I assumed Duke was even worse.  Surely Northwestern could handle the Blue Devils, right? The ACC is just a hot mess.

Auburn at Penn State: Win – This one was tricky.  Auburn’s offense had looked so good in the first two weeks, but their competition was not formidable, so we just didn’t know what to expect.  I finally sided with Penn State because even if Bo Nix did take to Mike Bobo’s offense, he probably wasn’t going to suddenly turn into Joe Burrow.

Michigan State at Miami: Win – Boy did I get Miami wrong this year.  They were my preseason pick to win the Coastal.  They are turrible. Not terrible, I mean Charles Barkley-style turrible.  Sparty is one of the biggest positive surprises this season so far.

Alabama at Florida: Loss – I took Alabama here because the main thing I questioned before the season was the Tide offense.  Through the first couple weeks, the offense looked good, so I figured they would easily cover two touchdowns against a Gator offense that didn’t seem very upwardly mobile.  31 points by the Tide against the Gators was good but giving up 29 points to the Gators wasn’t good.

Kent State at Iowa: Win – I don’t think I have ever picked Iowa to cover such a large point spread before.  This feels very strange, but it worked.  I might do it again?

Charlotte at Georgia State: Loss – Charlotte beat Duke.  Charlotte is getting points on the road against a Georgia State team that was curbstomped by Army.  It made sense, right up until the point that they played the game.

Rice at Texas: Win – Texas didn’t look good against Arkansas, but Rice is a different team.  The Owls really didn’t have a chance.

Alright, time to rub some dirt on it and look at next weekend. 

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