How do I follow up a disappointing 4-6 in Week 1?  By nailing a 3-7 in Week 2!

Tulsa at Oklahoma State: Loss – I was in Clemson most of the day Saturday and really did not see much of this game except the score. I am not sure if I underestimated Tulsa based on their Week 1 performance or if there is a problem in Oklahoma State.

Wyoming at Northern Illinois: Loss – the dreaded 6.5 spread on a 7 point game. Close but no cigar. I’ll take this one – home dog came close.  Lombardi’s transfer to NIU looks like it has really helped both sides.

Liberty at Troy: Win – I have Liberty ranked in my personal Top 25 but I’m still not sure exactly how good they are. I am not sure how often I will feel confident about taking them moving forward.

NC State at Mississippi State: Loss – The ACC is dreadful in these non-conference games, and I honestly think 80%+ is in their head.

Utah at BYU: Loss – This is a reminder that rivalry games game can go either way.  I bought that BYU was going to need to rebuild.

Oregon at Ohio State: Loss – Oregon has converted this non-believer. I remember too many games when Anthony Brown was just so blah for Boston College.  I think we are seeing now that had more to do with the coaching at BC than with Brown.  Verdell deserves most of the credit for that attack but QB1 played well too.  For Ohio State, the problems start with the defense – they just aren’t very good.

Rutgers at Syracuse: Win – The team that scored 60+ last week was slow to get going but they did eventually get it together.  I still think Rutgers is pointed towards a bowl game.

Texas at Arkansas: Loss – I don’t like losing a pick, but that being said, I can’t get too heartbroken about seeing the Longhorns get rocked by a team they were supposed to roll.

Washington at Michigan: Win – another 6.5 spread, but this one worked out.  I’m not sure how good Michigan is yet, but the Big 10 East is looking like a very fun division this year.

Stanford at USC: Loss – Just another bad take by me. I thought USC was going to be the team to beat in the PAC, and Stanford was going to be dreadful. Week 1 reinforced that opinion. Week 2 blew it up.

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