I’m not pleased with my first full week of picks.  4-6 is a strong indicator of how wrong I had some of these teams in the preseason.  Oh well, shake it off & rub some dirt on it.

USF at NC State – Win: As a Clemson fan, I am rooting for Jeff Scott at USF. I had hopes they would be competitive in their conference, and I still do.  I think NC State will be a very good team this year, so I didn’t think USF had much of a chance here on the road in the 1st game.

Ohio State at Minnesota – Win: The questions were there: Would Stroud be ready? Did the defense underachieve in 2020 because of COVID, or because they lost Hafley after 2019? The oddities were there: Opening on a Thursday night, on the road, in a crossover league game.  Ohio State was the better team, but it wasn’t likely they would fire on all cylinders all night, so I took the points.  14.5-point spread, 14-point difference.  Vegas nailed this one.

Andrew Booth

North Carolina at Virginia Tech – Loss: I’m not going to complain too much about this. I didn’t buy into the Tar Heel hype, but I liked this 5.5-point spread because I thought the Hokies were hapless and their coach would be fired by midseason.  I was wrong about Tech, and at this point, they might be a contender for the Coastal.

Penn State at Wisconsin – Loss:  This is one that I can see as an aberration by season end.  They say defense is usually more ready than offense in the first game, and that was the case here.  It’s the Penn State offense that showed potential.  I’m not giving up on Mertz, but he’s on double secret probation.

Stanford vs Kansas State – Win: I didn’t have high expectations for Stanford this season, but I must admit Kansas State looked good.  They might finish in the top half of the B12 behind the top tier programs.

Oklahoma at Tulane – Loss: Yuck.  Boomer Sooner got to stay in Norman and then looked jet lagged.  That won’t get it done if they want to compete for a championship.

Fresno State at Oregon – Win: I didn’t hide my opinion that the Duck offense wouldn’t be prolific with Brown at quarterback, but they did have a very good defense.  I’m not surprised Fresno covered, but I am surprised the Oregon defense allowed 24 points by Fresno.

Alabama vs Miami – Loss: Miami was dreadful.  Alabama looked great.  Time will tell if Alabama is great, or they just looked great because Miami is dreadful.

Louisiana vs Texas – Loss: Texas finally showed up in a season opener.  I totally agreed Sark was a better coach than Herman, but I thought it would take a bit longer to shake off the stank.

Georgia vs Clemson – Loss:  Both defenses looked great, but it was clear Georgia’s offense is ahead of Clemson’s offense.  The next question is how each offense will look against less elite defenses. Will they improve, or will they prove to be a work in progress?

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