This early in the season, the numbers mean little, but at least it’s a starting point and the biggest number for me is 8 – as in 8 wins. At this point in the season last year Clemson was 5-3 and on their way to the first losing season since 1957.

The Tigers are bating .328 with RISP, largely influenced by a 32 for 74 weekend against Hartford. While you can’t discount those hits, you also have to take them with a grain of salt. If the Tigers hit .328 with RISP in the South Carolina series my guess is they’ll be just fine.

Speaking of batting with RISP, how about Bryar Hawkins? .615? Ridiculous. Again, it’s early, but it’s a start.

It’s obvious Mack Anglin has been the best starting pitcher to date and the numbers below reflect that clearly.

On the flip side, there’s nearly a different batter leading in the various categories below, which shows depth in the line up, at least at this early stage. Shoutout to Max Wagner whose low-key got a 202 OPS+ – basically he’s been twice as good as the average player.

And finally, something we’ve talked about on Sluggo and on the Twitter spaces – the weekend starting pitching has been iffy outside of Anglin. Billy Barlow may need some consideration at some point to see if the youngster has what it takes to become a weekend starter.

Tigers and Gamecocks start the 3 game series in Columbia tonight!


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