I expect this game to be like many other Clemson vs FCS games with one exception: I do think DJU will get an ample amount of playing time. I think we will see him deep into the 2nd quarter, if not the whole half. The staff will be rebuilding his confidence and will want to put him in a few different scenarios. I do think we see all the other quarterbacks in the 2nd half.

For everyone else on offense, the staff will mix things up. I think a lot of players will see opportunities very early in this game, especially on the offensive line. We always hear that some players aren’t ready, or the starters are the best options we have. I think that will be put to the test throughout the rest of September. The running backs will all get chances, and I expect that to extend to Phil Maffa too. At receiver, I think Ross and Ngata are well established, and Ladson is close, but the younger guys will get their chance to prove themselves Saturday.  I am not sure what to expect for EJ Williams.  Maybe giving him the week off will help his injury.

As for the defense, I wouldn’t be surprised in the slightest if we find out this week some veterans won’t be dressing, or that some guys who are available are DNP: Coach’s decision. Why risk injuries when you know what you have in most spots? I expect to see a healthy dose of sophomores and freshmen, some of whom may be redshirting this season.  I expect to see several safeties line up at corner to see how they perform in that role.

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