As friend of the show J.P. Priester likes to say, “When Steve Wiltfong makes a projection, I listen.” Wiltfong and everyone else who projected Jeadyn Lukus’ commitment believes he’s headed to Clemson to be a part of what’s shaping up to be an incredible defense back class for the Tigers.

In the world of recruiting nothing’s a sure thing until it actually happens and these days that applies more than ever.

Just a couple weeks ago this Clemson class was given up for dead, but if you’re counting at home a Lukus pledge would give the Tigers their 3rd defensive back in the top 73 – not top 73 defensive backs, top 73 players overall – and their 5th defensive back in the top 188 overall players.

The coaches and J.P. told Clemson fans to be patient, these things take time when done the way Clemson recruits.

It appears they were right.

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