If you recall in May of 2020 when Will Shipley committed to Clemson there were a few chuckles by at least one member of the national media. “This is the guy that’s going to replace Travis Etienne?”

A little over a year later, no one is laughing as Shipley looks to be the real deal early in camp. You can find article about article on Shipley these days, almost all in a positive light.

“The Late Kick with Josh Pate” is part of the 247 network and it’s generally good content, well thought out and with minimal hyperbole. Pick it up at the 6:25 mark to hear his take on Shipley:

Shipley hasn’t played a game and isn’t even running first team in practice, yet he’s garnering the attention of some of the national media.  

That’s a long way from where he was in May of 2020 and he’s yet to play a snap at Clemson.

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