It’s been a tough year for Clemson fans that are used to 0 or 1 loss regular seasons, going to the College Football Playoff on the regular and having a chance to bring home a title every other year.

Before I get to the idiot of the week, I should point out that somewhere around 99.9% of Clemson fans have been great, realistic, appreciative and understanding.  

Unfortunately, that leaves room for some real gems.

This week, despite a 48-27 win over Wake Forest, there was at least one Clemson fan who stated “It literally can’t get any worse” and then doubled down when questioned about his idiocy.

This is the kind of guy who will say that he has a right to free speech and has a right to his opinion, and I agree with that.  That also means I have a right to my opinion and here’s what I have to say: You’re either stupid or seeking attention. Or both.

Each week when I think I’ve heard the dumbest thing I’ll ever hear in my life I hear something more ludicrous. 

It can’t get any worse than being 8-3? 

Take a trip out to Austin, Texas where they’ve lost 6 straight including one to Kansas. That would be their second loss to Kansas in the last five years.  They’re questioning the first year coach, players apparently don’t care, an ex-player with a national microphone claims boosters are forcing coaches to play certain players based on race and, oh yeah, half the school think’s your fight song is racist. 

But it can’t get any worse at Clemson than going 8-3.

Not enough?  Down the road in Baton Rouge they won a title two years ago, yet the coach of that team has been fired mid-season, there’s a sex assault scandal and the team is 5-6 and in last place in their division.

But it can’t get any worse at Clemson than going 8-3.

Just for fun let’s look peek in over in Gainesville where their coach has also been fired mid-season, the highlights of the season are a close loss to Alabama and avoiding a loss to Samford after giving up 52 to the Bulldogs.  Not the Georgia Bulldogs, the Samford Bulldogs.  They would also be in last place in their division if there wasn’t something called Vanderbilt occupying that spot.

But it can’t get any worse at Clemson than going 8-3.

Without looking very hard you could find 15 or 20 similar stories around college football and on top of that, in my opinion, it’s very likely that Clemson could be right back in contention next season, while the above mentioned teams likely wallow in mediocrity for years to come.

The program you are a “fan” of is run the right way (not perfectly), graduates it’s players (almost all that stay 4 or more years), and is a perennial (just not this year) title contender.   

So, yes, it could in fact be much worse and you know it.

But that’s not enough for you.  You expect perfection every year – from other people.  

If only you held yourself to the same standard.

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