Back before the ACC and National Titles Dabo Swinney borrowed the quaint little saying of “All In” as a way to signify that whoever uttered the phrase were believers in what was being built, be it coaches, players or fans.  There’s All In Poker Chips for the players, The All In Foundation and generally, All In ad nauseum.

The Clemson faithful bought into it (figuratively and literally) snatching up gear, stickers and whatever else was sold and plastered some form of the motto all over their social media profiles to signify their allegiance.

I’m here to tell you there’s a significant portion of the fanbase that were  never really all in.  Once a couple losses came and the team struggled many of those same people who proclaimed to be all in now say the coaches, players and fans that don’t agree with them “suck” and use those same social media accounts to bash everyone associated with the program and anyone else that dares to think differently. 

There’s been a fair amount of this over on the Seldom Used Reserve College Football Discussion Group (and many message boards), where someone took a story about another coach as an opportunity to take shots at Dabo Swinney.

This guy is obviously not All In anymore.  Despite 143 wins, It took exactly two losses for him to become all out.  

Not everything Dabo says is right or makes sense and he certainly shouldn’t be given blanket immunity to say whatever he wants without it being questioned, be it about football or anything else. I disagree with Dabo often, cringe at his coach speak and every year try to find the player most glowingly reviewed by Dabo in the summer that’s never heard from once the actual games begin.

I too, have questions about this team, recruiting, decisions made and some of the quotes we’ve seen seem questionable at best.  We’ve discussed this nearly every week in some form or fashion on the Sluggo Podcast.

As I often say when I write these types of posts, I’m not telling you how to be a fan.  Different people react differently to different situations and that’s what makes the world go round, so knock yourself out.

What I am telling you is that if this is you, you never were really “All In”. You were “All in for the wins”.  At the first sign of trouble or struggles – you know those things every college football team in America deals with – your reaction is to lash out and trash the very team, coaches and program that brought you so much joy.  Being all in means you stick around during the tough times, because  the reality is the tough times make the good times so much better.

You can ask questions and be critical without questioning someone’s mental capacity, saying they should be fired or making ridiculous comments about a man who’s led your team to two national championships and 6 straight ACC titles.

How deep does this lunacy run? I posted a highlight from the 1981 National Championship game and that was used as an opportunity to bash the 2021 team.  A grown man can’t watch a highlight of a glorious moment 40 years ago without taking that as an opportunity to bash the 2021 team.  Their hatred runs that deep after two losses.

As for the commenter that started this, his social media still identifies him as a Clemson “fan”, but he’s removed references to being all in.  

Just as I suspected, he was just All In for the wins.

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