Each week John Chancey and Marty Coleman list their top 5. Their rankings after week 9 are below.

Chancey's Top 5

  1. Georgia – I can’t say that I look at the Florida Gators in the same way that I looked at them after their hard-fought battle against Alabama in The Swamp, but the Bulldogs defense still looked impressive, forcing three turnovers in the 2nd quarter. The offense didn’t have their most impressive outing, but it really doesn’t matter right now. Georgia has clinched the SEC East and won’t be threatened until the SEC championship game.
  2. Alabama – They were on a bye this week, and no one impressed enough for me to consider moving them ahead of the Tide. Ahead of the others? Well……
  3. Michigan State – prisoner of the moment perhaps, but Sparty’s victory over the Wolverines was the most impressive thing I saw this weekend. I am a resume guy, and there was no way I could possibly rank them this high when they hadn’t beaten a single team with a winning record. While this is only one quality victory, Kenneth Walker has really grabbed my attention, and I feel he makes Michigan State a legitimate contender for the Big Ten East. If only they got the Buckeyes at home…..
  4. Ohio State – Just win baby! The Buckeyes did just that against Penn State. The Nittany Lions looked somewhere between their best version that beat Auburn and their worst version that lost to Illinois. The Buckeyes deserve credit for a good win, and proved they could be explosive, but I think we got a more realistic idea of where they stand seeing them play good competition, instead of watching them curbstomp weaker teams. They are very good, but Sparty is coming on. That should be a fantastic game, and it’s in The Horseshoe, so the Buckeyes have an advantage.
  5. Oklahoma – The Sooners aren’t playing a challenging schedule right now, so even big numbers against a team like Texas Tech aren’t that big of a deal. Honestly, their big win against Texas isn’t really that impressive anymore.  I still see the potential for Oklahoma to be a playoff team, because I don’t see two teams from the Big Ten East getting in, but their back loaded schedule featuring upcoming games against Baylor, Iowa State and Oklahoma State is looming very large right now.

Coleman's Top 5

  1. Georgia – The Dogs defense was the star once again, holding Florida scoreless till garbage time en route to a 34-7 stomping.  The biggest question for Georgia remains Stetson Bennett or J.T. Daniels. After they crush Missouri next week an interesting, maybe, trip to Knoxville is up.
  2. Alabama – A week off is just what the Tide needed and now up and down LSU is up next.  I pity the fool that has to play a Saban team with two weeks to prepare and a lot of anger to get out.  Suddenly that Auburn game looks a lot more interesting. 
  3. Ohio State – No 54-13 this week and Penn State gave the Buckeyes all they wanted in a 33-24 final.  Ohio State has a path to 11-1, but it’s a path that includes undefeated Michigan State and an away game against what looks to be a pretty good Michigan team back to back.  They’ll earn their ranking if they come away with wins in those two.
  4. Oklahoma – Is there a more schitzophrenic team in America? This week they rolled up 541 yards, including 402 and 6 touchdowns by Caleb Williams.  Yes, this is the same team that was shut out by Kansas in the first half last week. They’re off this week, but then travel to Baylor, host Iowa State and then Bedlam in Stillwater.  
  5. Cincinnati – I get that people won’t like me dropping a team that continues to win, but let’s get real.  Does a top 4 team struggle to beat Navy and then take a 14-12 lead into halftime against Tulane?  10 points in the last 6 minutes makes it look a little better than it was, but don’t be fooled – this was a 14-12 game with 6 minutes to go in the 3rd quarter.

Chancey says:  Yes, I have dropped Cincinnati from my top five. Their best win against Notre Dame is better than Oklahoma’s best win against Texas, but I asked myself if I thought the Bearcats could beat the Sooners or the other four on a neutral field, and while I think they would stand a chance against a few of them, I wouldn’t consider them favorites in any of those contests. If Oklahoma wasn’t at their best, Cincy would beat them. Oklahoma at their best beats Cincinnati at their best.  I am very curious to see where the CFP committee has the Bearcats ranked. 

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