Each week John Chancey and Marty Coleman list their top 5. Their rankings after week 8 are below.

Chancey's Top 5

  1. Georgia – Had the weekend off, with the World’s Largest Cocktail Party next weekend against Florida in Jacksonville. Weird things happen in this game, and it’s the day before Halloween.
  2. Alabama – It took four quarters to pull away on the scoreboard against Tennessee. This squad isn’t as good as most of the championship-winning Tide squads, but they are still pretty good. LSU, Arkansas and Auburn remain ahead.
  3. Cincinnati – Having a target on you isn’t easy to deal with, and the Bearcats are learning what it is to be the hunted. The service academies are always difficult to play, and sometimes teams with big aspirations don’t always take them seriously. Cincy had a solid lead late and then fell asleep. Navy almost punked them. I might be dropping them right now if they were the only team that had a close call Saturday, but they weren’t.
  4. Oklahoma – We called it right here: sometimes freshmen have bad days. The question is whether the rest of the team can hold it together when they do. Caleb Williams had a bad day. It might be more fair to say he had a bad half, but turned things around in the 2nd half. Credit to Kansas for playing well. Lance Leipold is a good coach.
  5. Ohio State – This team has only been impressive so far against bad competition. Their best win is against Minnesota, and I recall that nobody was high on them after that win. I want to put Michigan or Michigan State here, but they haven’t beaten anybody better. At least OSU will play a good Penn State team next week, right? Maybe they’re good? 

Coleman's Top 5

  1. Georgia – Open Date was good to Georgia as other teams flaws were on full display. Florida is up on Saturday and Jacksonville, but who knows which Gator team will show up.  I’m pretty confident which Georgia team will be there.
  2. Alabama – Speaking of flaws, there’s some on the Alabama defense, but when your offense gains 574 yards they’re generally overlooked. It’s the Tides turn to take the week off before they crush LSU on November 6.
  3. Ohio State – A complete thrashing of Indiana makes that Cincinnati victory over the Hoosiers look like child’s play.  The Kicking Ass and Taking Names Tour continues as the Buckeyes have outscored 5 opponents 272-64 since losing to Oregon. That’s 54.4 to 12.8 on average. Is that good? Poor Penn State.
  4. Cincinnati – There’s something to be said for continuing to win, but I couldn’t in good conscience keep this team at #3 after that performance against Navy, which came in at 1-5.  Four 3 and outs and 271 total yards against Navy and you guys want Georgia? Sheesh.
  5. Ole Miss – Given what I said above regarding Cincinnati’s performance, I couldn’t, in good conscience, keep Oklahoma here after being shut out in the first half against – gulp – Kansas. The scoring is not what it once was 3 weeks ago, but neither is the defense that was so porous.  It could be a short stay with a trip to Auburn on the horizon, or the Rebels could make me look very smart with a road win.  Michigan and Michigan State got consideration, but let’s face it neither should be rewarded for a backloaded Big 10 schedule designed to have a bunch of above average teams undefeated in late October.
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