Each week John Chancey and Marty Coleman list their top 5. Their rankings after week 6 are below.

Chancey's Top 5

  1. Georgia – The Bulldogs have this spot because they are undefeated, have three good wins and haven’t had a close call (Clemson was a good win, not a great win, but not truly a close call).  The schedule has gotten more interesting though. Georgia hosts Kentucky and then has the World’s Largest Cocktail Party.
  2. Iowa – Didn’t see this coming in the preseason, but like Georgia, the Hawkeyes are undefeated and have two good wins on their resume (I still consider Iowa State to be a good win, not a great win). Unlike Georgia, Iowa’s toughest opponents left are Wisconsin and Nebraska.
  3. Alabama – If you look at resume at this point, the wins against Ole Miss and Florida are pretty good. Most other one-loss teams don’t have wins this good. It’s a better resume than a certain undefeated G5 team.
  4. Cincinnati – They showed me what they were made of in South Bend, and they are handling the business they need to handle. A win against Notre Dame is good, but I can’t say in all honesty that I think the Bearcats can beat Alabama, not even at Cincinnati. Unfortunately for the Fighting Fickells, there isn’t another opponent that allows them to impress. The Bearcats must hope for chaos.
  5. Oklahoma – I know a lot of people would put the Buckeyes here, and when it comes to the eye test, Ohio St. looks good right now. We have to balance the eye test with the resume test. What’s OSU’s best win? Rutgers? Texas isn’t great, but I think 90%+ of America would say the Longhorns are a better team than the Scarlet Knights. The Sooners get even more fascinating with Caleb Williams at quarterback. He may be the answer to their offensive sputters, but he’s also a true freshmen. He can’t play defense either.

Coleman's Top 5

  1. Georgia – A workmanlike 34-10 thrashing of Auburn combined with Alabama falling in College Station means the Bulldogs ascend.  Truthfully, I was considering the move even before the game at Kyle Field was final.  There’s no unbeatable teams this year and if Saturday showed anything it’s that everyone is vulnerable if the circumstances are right.  The Bulldogs definitely have the best defense in the nation, but am I crazy to think there’s some holes on the offensive side?
  2. Iowa – Can’t believe I’m typing I-O-W-A into the number 2 slot, but at some point you have to recognize what is happening in Iowa City.  I mentioned last week that if the Hawkeyes beat Penn State they could finish the regular season unbeaten.  Well, that’s a real possibility as we sit here today. Up next: Purdue, @Wisconsin, @Northwestern, Minnesota, Illinois and @Nebraska.  Again, not likely, but you can see a path for an unbeaten regular season.
  3. Cincinnati – It’s impressive that this team had 0 let down only 6 days after beating Notre Dame.  Of course, having the opponent being Temple helped, but still impressive.  That’s the problem for Cincinnati, the schedule is weak moving forward and each week that goes by Notre Dame looks less and less impressive.  I can see the Bearcats getting passed by several teams as the big wins roll in during late October and November, even without a loss.
  4. Alabama – I still believe the Tide is one of the top teams in the nation, but their margin for error disappeared Saturday night.  They got got by a team with a questionable offense and that sets off alarm bells.  But hell hath no fury like an Alabama team fighting for it’s playoff life so watch out if you’re still on the Crimson Tide’s schedule.  
  5. Oklahoma – It is with deep reluctance that the Sooners get this spot after the electrifying win over Texas.  I’m of the belief that the defense is highly overrated, despite being highly ranked in advanced metrics.  Advanced metrics are great, but put eyes on the game and it boils down to this: They don’t tackle well.  And Saturday, Texas’ wide receivers were running free most of the day.  
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