Each week John Chancey and Marty Coleman list their top 5. Their rankings after week 12 are below.

Chancey's Top 5

  1. Georgia – Whew, Bulldog fans! You survived against Charleston Southern! That’s a good thing too, because now you have to take on your arch rival, the Wramblin’ Wreck of Georgia Tech! Notre Dame only beat them 55-0, so you better be ready!
  2. Ohio State – That loss to Oregon seems like it happened last year. The Buckeyes curb-stomped Sparty. Kenneth Walker wasn’t at his healthiest, but it wouldn’t have mattered. This surge by Ohio State is coming at the right time.
  3. Alabama – This game against Arkansas sums up the Crimson Tide’s season. The offense scored all the points they needed. Bryce Young set a record for passing yards. They win by a touchdown. The defense just isn’t up to the task. If they can’t stop the Razorbacks, how are they going to stop the Bulldogs or Buckeyes?
  4. Michigan – It has been a while since Michigan looked this good heading into the big rivalry game with Ohio State. I think it was 2018. The Wolverines were 10-1 and ranked 4th in the nation. Ohio State beat them 62-39. 
  5. Cincinnati – The Bearcats finally looked dominant. Things look good for Cincy right now. If Michigan loses to Ohio State, the Wolverines drop past the Bearcats. The two wildcards: 1) will the committee drop Alabama past Cincinnati if they loses to Georgia in the SEC championship game? 2) Will the committee push Oklahoma State past Cincinnati if they beat Oklahoma, and then win the Big 12 Championship?

Coleman's Top 5

  1. Georgia – So, if I have to pick nits with this team, it’s really their schedule.  I mean, it’s not the players fault, but Charleston Southern? Really?  The best team in college football should be ashamed for scheduling them.  Yes, this was the traditional SEC week off without actually taking the week off, but why?  At least you could have played a D-1 scrubb team like some of your SEC cousins did.
  2. Ohio State – Yep, I’m not above a team getting jumped despite them winning and after what Ohio State did to Michigan State they deserve this bump.  Interestingly enough, the Buckeyes loss now looks worse with Oregon getting shellacked.  And remember, that loss came in the Horseshoe.
  3. Alabama – Just win baby.  The biggest question right now is whether a two loss Bama would get in the playoff over an undefeated Cincinnati. Good question.
  4. Michigan – They may only be here for a week, but the Wolverines deserve recognition for going 10-1. Depending on what Ohio State team shows up next week it could be a great game or a blowout. One team will be eliminated and this is what we live for as. college football fans.
  5. Cincinnati – The crushing of SMU was exactly what we were looking for to move the Bearcats back into the top 5. Up next is a trip to sneaky good East Carolina (7-4) so this team better not be looking ahead to the AAC Championship game.
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