Each week John Chancey and Marty Coleman list their top 5. Their rankings after week 11 are below.

Chancey's Top 5

  1. Georgia – Continuing to look the part. With Charleston Southern and Georgia Tech left, the only real question is “Can they finish?”
  2. Ohio State – The Buckeyes survived the Curse of the Boilermaker, ruining Purdue’s run of upset wins.  The offense rolled. The defense gave up 31 points. The defense has to gel and start playing better if they hope to stand against Georgia.
  3. Alabama – The Tide win their bye week against New Mexico State, and now face Arkansas at home before hitting the road to face archrival Auburn. I think both contests are letdown spots for Alabama, as they are likely already looking ahead to the SEC championship game, but Saban doesn’t have a history of letting his team slip up in these situations.
  4. Oregon – Another week, another win.  Washington State isn’t a top-notch opponent, but I think a lot of us expected Oregon to trip over one of these games against down teams, and they haven’t.  They are winning, and based on their placement in the CFP rankings, they just have to win out against Utah, Oregon St and the PAC South champ, which would likely be Utah again.
  5. Cinchigan – I know a lot of people don’t like ties, but I can’t decide for this last spot between Cincinnati and Michigan.  Cincinnati is undefeated, and has a quality win over Notre Dame, but aren’t looking very impressive in the last month.  They defeated USF by 17, but when you combine the dismal year the Bulls are having with the aspirations of the Bearcats to make the CFP, shouldn’t they win by 30 or 40?  On the other hand, Michigan just got their best win of the season against Penn State, which is a 4-loss team at this point after having risen to #4 in the AP poll earlier in the year, and they have a loss on their record, but would the Wolverines have only beaten USF by 17?  I don’t mind ties, but college football doesn’t allow them, so my real answer here is #5 Michigan and #6 Cincinnati.  The good news for the Bearcats is that the Buckeyes and Wolverines must face each other, and they hold the head-to-head with the Irish.  The bad news is there is an Oklahoma State team that could jump them if they win out.

Coleman's Top 5

  1. Georgia – The Bulldogs fell behind Tennessee momentarily Saturday and it was interesting to see how they handled it on the road in a sold out Neyland Stadium.  How they handled it was quite well and once again they put the death grip on their opponent.  It’s been Georgia’s year about 35 times since 1980 and it’s always fallen through, so expect the Dogs to be tested when you least expect it.
  2. Alabama – Nothing to take away from a laugher against New Mexico State, but it was just what we expected. 59-3.  Arkansas and at Auburn remain and you wonder how much the Tigers have left after their collapse Saturday.
  3. Ohio State – 624 yards of offense against a Purdue team that upset Michigan State the week prior says alot about this team’s offense these days.  C.J. Stroud may be a factor in the Heisman race yet and Garrett Wilson had a huge day with 10 catches, 3 TD receptions, not to mention a 56 yard TD run.  Michigan State and at Michigan remain.  They’ll earn this position if they win both of those.
  4. Oregon – Yes, I have them behind Ohio State, because I think if they play 10 times Ohio State wins, oh I don’t know, 8?  Sue me, but I’m not a believer in Anthony Brown, but the Ducks deserve credit for getting to 9-1 though it hasn’t always been pretty. Oregon travels to Utah this week, so we’ll know sooner rather than later, if they’re a contender or pretender.
  5. Cincinnati – Turnovers on your first two possessions and a 7-0 deficit to South Florida is not how you win voters and influence the committee.  Then again, it’s going to be hard for the Bearcats to convince anyone moving forward, if you’re not convinced already and I’m not.  This was a 10 point game in the 4th quarter and while Cincinnati was never in danger, they never stepped on the throat of the 2-8 Bulls either. SMU and at East Carolina remain on the schedule.
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