2021 Top 5 Vol. 1

John Chancey and Marty Coleman list their top 5 each week for every one to pick apart. Here’s our initial lists:

Chancey's Top 5

  1. Alabama: Bryce Young looked good throwing the ball. Alabama’s offense ran smooth during most of the game, with just a handful of line problems.  The defense certainly looked competent.  Not sure about their opponent.  We should learn more when the Tide play the Gators in two weeks.
  2. Georgia: That defense was very good.  Clemson’s defense was very good too, so we don’t have a great feel for their offense, but the Bulldogs aren’t likely to face a high-level opponent until, what, maybe Auburn on 10/9?  That gives them some time to work things out. Recurring theme in this Top 5: it’s early.
  3. Ohio State: CJ Stroud was shaky at times against Minnesota, but that’s not that alarming.  He got it together and the Buckeyes showed they have the offense everyone expected. Unfortunately, the defense showed they were only marginally better than last season. That probably won’t be a problem against most teams, but versus top tier programs, it could be a liability. Is Oregon top tier this season?
  4. Oklahoma: Usually when a national title contender has their game against a middling Group of Five program moved from a road game to a de facto home game because of a natural disaster, you’d expect them to be even better. Not the case in Norman on Saturday.  The schedule doesn’t really ramp up for the Sooners until October, so they will need to show their dominance over the next few weeks to wash the bad taste of this Tulane game out of their mouths.
  5. USC: The Trojans scored a solid victory over San Jose State, which is a decent Group of Five team.  We need to see them against better competition before we know for sure what they are made of, but as with most of these top teams, we will have to wait until October.  This Top 5 might not change very much for the next month or so.

Coleman's Top 5

  1. Alabama: On a different level, crushing the life out of Miami.  Challenges ahead, but this is clear cut right now.  Things can happen and a game does not make a season, but Alabama looks like Alabama and that’s scary for the rest of college football.
  2. Ohio State: You could argue Georgia here, but the Buckeyes overcame a sometimes shaky start by C.J. Stroud and a game Minnesota team to win on  the road.  The Buckeyes are an early two TD favorite over flavor of the month Oregon, which brings this question to mind: Who’s going to beat them?
  3. Georgia: Would have been #2 if their offense had scored more than 3 points. Defense was fantastic and the schedule isn’t the SEC gauntlet some would have you believe.  That said, either the Clemson defense is really good or this offense has some problems to work out before they hope to sniff winning their first title since 1980.
  4. Cincinnati: This isn’t about who I think will or should be in the playoff.  It’s about performance to date and the Bearcats looked really good in week 1 compared to most other teams.  Do I think they’d beat some other teams below them? Nope, but they’ll have their chances to prove they belong or they don’t, but Indiana doesn’t look to be the challenge it was preseason.
  5. Texas A&M: I’m not really a believer, but here we are. One and two were simple, but when you get to 3 and below it gets a little dicey.  There are questions: A&M led Kent State 10-3 at the half and gave up 226 rushing yards to the Golden Flashes.  Garbage time you say? Maybe, but QB Haynes King threw 3 INTs and had a QBR of 48.5. Against Kent State.  That said, they have talent and won by 31.  We know how these games go sometimes.  I mean, it’s not like they lost to East Tennessee State or barely escaped the vaunted Tulsa Hurricanes.
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